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As an all-volunteer organization, Buster’s Friends relies on volunteers for the many facets of the work we do.  As we do not have our own facility, volunteer opportunities abound and you will get great joy and satisfaction in knowing that you played a critical role in helping to place these wonderful animals into loving, forever homes. Thanks to the people currently giving their time!

Dog Walkers are needed during the weekends during the morning, afternoon and night times.  Our dogs are transported to our Highland Village Adoption Center on Saturday mornings and are in need of this quality social time from our volunteers throughout the weekend.

Animal Transport.  Sometimes our dogs are in need of transportation to a foster family, the vet, or to one of the kennels we use to house our dogs awaiting adoption.  Volunteers wishing to donate their time by transporting animals need to have their own car and experience with dogs.

Kitty Socializers/Cleaners.  Buster’s Friends keeps cats and kittens at 2 area PetSmart stores 24/7. We are always in need of volunteers to spend time with the kitties at these locations cleaning cages and socializing the kitties.  In addition to our PetSmart locations, cats are transported to the Highland Village Adoption Center on Saturday mornings for the weekend.  Additional help cleaning cages and speaking with potential adopters is always needed.

Youth Volunteers
.  For liability reasons, volunteers must be at least 18 years of age though kids are welcome to help their volunteer parents through efforts like fostering or dog walking. Young people can help Buster’s Friends in various creative ways such as fundraising or raising awareness of the need for animal rescue with their friends and classmates. Kids can help by collecting donations for adoption site supplies. One of our young supporters raised money for Buster’s Friends by asking for donations instead of birthday presents from friends and family!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact volunteers@bustersfriends.org