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Before You Adopt Dogs

Why do I want a dog?  
This may seem like an obvious question, but please seriously consider why you wish to adopt a pet before visiting our adoption centers. All puppies are cute, but often outgrow the cute puppy stage within 6 months.  Two years down the road many are 50+ pounds and require more than being let out 5 times a day to go potty. Make sure that you and your family are prepared to make a serious, lifetime commitment to the animal you choose. Remember, this commitment may last 15 years or more! 

Are dogs allowed where I live? 
Check your lease, and be certain you have landlord approval before you bring your new pet home.  Please make sure you adhere to specific breed requirements or bans and you pet deposit is paid. 

What kind of lifestyle do I lead?
Do you travel frequently, or work late hours? Companion animals require constant care and cannot be ignored. Many animals require exercise and outdoor activity. All animals need constant socialization to minimize destructive behavior.  Do you have the patience to deal with raising a puppy or high energy dog? 

Can I afford a dog?
Owning a pet requires a financial investment as well as an emotional one. Your pet will need food, annual vaccinations, toys, grooming supplies, regular veterinary treatment, flea & tick and heartworm prevention, and much more. You also need to consider the expenses if your pet gets sick. The total annual cost for your pet may be more than $500 per year!

Does everyone in my household agree with adopting a dog?
Bringing a companion animal into your home requires the commitment and cooperation of the entire family.  Please make sure EVERYONE is in agreement before adopting your new puppy or dog.  Do you want to give someone the gift of adopting?  You can – we have gift certificates available for purchase.  We discourage surprising your other half and prefer all family members be present and agreeable to the adoption.. 

Am I prepared to deal with potential behavior problems?
Housetraining, barking, biting, digging, chewing, and general misbehaving are just a few of the problems you might encounter. Are you patient enough, and willing to take the time to train your new companion to be a good pet citizen?  Buster’s Friends highly recommends you enroll in obedience classes with your new companion.  Are you able to afford this type of financial, emotional, and time commitment? 

Have I done my research?
Have I researched what type of dog I want to adopt.  Please research breed characteristics prior to adopting.  Some dogs require lots of maintenance and some are virtually maintenance free.  Some dogs are prone to health issues, others will always be high-strung. Please visit the various internet sites to make sure a particular breed of dog is right for you and your lifestyle.


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