We Now Have A Home

Our dogs and cats are acquired by many different means. Some are owner surrenders, some are found wandering the streets, but most are pulled in the nick of time from kill shelters. All the animals shown on this page are the lucky ones. They weren’t forced to take that last walk to the “back room” as so many today do. They now have loving families and real homes. They are the chosen few. They are loved by humans when they didn’t think a human would ever be a friend. Some are perfectly healthy...some have flaws. But to the people who love these cats and dogs and gave them homes, they are perfect just the way they are. So, we want to deeply thank the families who are now a part of our family. Without you we wouldn't be as successful as we have been.


Hi I wanted to send u a picture of just one of Fletcher's favorite place to rest. He has complete control of his friends. He has grown and is. So sweet. My other cat loves him. The two almost look like twins in the pattern of their color except she has short hair. Life is his oyster at my house. He does have to wear a collar with my # because he will try to run into the hall. I will say he is a very very good eater. I just love him to death. He is a little jumpy sometimes so I think he may have had some trust issues but he has improved. If you ever need a poster child he is the best. I think his previous home may not have found he will not poo poo in an enclosed area. I found that out very soon so I solved that. He is a good boy Thanks, Susan


Frasier is the perfect addition to our home. He is playful and courageous, not afraid of a high jump and not afraid to approach anyone! My husband just loves him. As you can see from the pic below, Niles loves him too (Frasier left, Niles right). Both cats came to us from Buster's Friends. Thanks for all your help Angela!


I wanted to touch base with you now that my little girl has been with us for about 8 or 9 months. It took her about 3 months to decide that she liked me-I gave her space and she now runs to the door or is waiting for me when i get home. Ariel tried to be the dominant one as all males do and there was some squabbling and hissing but they worked it all out and more than tolerate each other now. They can sleep next to each other at times with me in the bed so i think that's pretty perfect. She weights about 10 pounds now the little piglet-i buy her Wellness cans and dry and am watching to see she doesn't get any larger. I have attached her most recent pics so you can see what an absolutely beautiful kittie she is. Thanks again for all you do-we are one happy family because of Busters Friends.

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